Monday, November 22, 2010

Imagine That: Selvage Edge Furniture!!!!

Oh wow!
Who would have ever thought of this idea!
Some very creative mind:  Monique!

She thought of it in the shower.....
That's where a lot of us come up with our best ideas it seems like....

Isn't it just amazing!
Monique glued the selvage edges to sides, then put modge podge over top.
Then for the drawers she made "quilts" and used batting.
I just love it....
Good work, Monique!

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Wonderful Selvage Edge Bag

This wonderful Selvage Edge bag was made by Elena.
I  just love it!
And so did her daughter apparently, because even though Elena made it for herself to be used as a pures, somehow her daughter "borrowed" it, and Elena hasn't seen it since.....
Imagine that!

Can't blame her daughter though:  it's fabulous!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Very Adorable Selvage Edge Pincushion

Hi There Bloggy Friends!
Wow! I am just amazed by some of the very adorable things you readers come up with!

This pincushion was made by Marsha.
Isn't it so very cute....????
She incorporated a great variety of different styles
in her selection of selvage edges.
And a pincushion.  What a great idea.
 We all need one {or two, or three} of those!

Marsha said that she got this idea from a magazine.  Couldn't remember exactly which one.  Perhaps "Quilts and More".....????

Anyway:  its cute.  She did great, and she was kind enough to share with us!
Thanks Marsha!
Enjoy your pincushion.  

{She says she is going to do more selvage edges sewing.....  
Can't wait to see what she comes up with!}
:) Crystelle

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