Monday, July 26, 2010

Selvege Edge Purse

This particular Selvage Edge bag was made by Paulette
The contrast with the black piping and bias tape and button are great.

Nice Sewing!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun Selvage Travel Bag

Bella Bag makes fun selvage edge bags that she then carries with her on her trips. She loves to take pictures of her bag visiting different locations in the UK.
What a fun idea to make memories!!!Very nice pictures, Bella!
I especially like this bottom one!!!
Isn't it just scrumptious...???
Thanks for sharing!

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P.S. Did you notice how the selvage edge bag matches every outfit?!!!!
WOW!!!!~~ That's reason enough to sew one up!
You will ALWAYS look fabulous! :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Selvage Edge Applique on Tote

Elena, the designer of this bag appliqued selvage edge quilting blocks over the top of the logo of an existing canvas bag. Fabulous idea! Great way to re-use something, and upcycle!

Love it!
Good thinking Elena!

Waste Not ~ ~ Want Not ~~ Selvage Edge Tote

This wonderful Selvage Edge Tote was made by Bungalow Quilts.
"Waste Not~~ Want Not," she says!
I love the way this is truly made up of all selvage edges and SO adorable!
Good job! We like it around here!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Handbag Made of Selvage Edges

I am so excited to blog about the new stunning handbag made from from selvage edges.....
I love it!
What did I use?
the free Aerika Purse pattern...
selvage edges from all decorator cottons {so it is nice and sturdy}

The Aerika Pattern {a CrystelleHandbags original creation} is a free gift for those who follow the Crystelle Boutique Newsletter
. Signing up for it is pain-free. Do so right here
Read more about sewing with Selvage Edges here.
Happy Sewing! Crystelle

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Sew with Selvage Edges

Here are some simple instructions on how to make your own selvage bag....

Isn't it so fun to make something out of something we would normally discard?
I think so!
It's not hard to sew with selvages. This is how we (at Crystelle Handbags) make a selvage edge bag, and YOU can do it TOO....!!!! :) :

  • Save your selvage edges {or just cut them off the collection of fabrics you already have}

  • Cut 1/2 inch into the print of the fabric. {some people do more, I like to be consistent and do 1/2 inch each time}
  • Cut your purse pattern out of white cotton
  • Draw parallel lines on the cotton to keep you going straight as you go along

  • Place one strip of selvage edge on at a time, and sew it in place

  • Be sure to overlap the unfinished edge of the previous selvage edge with the finished edge of the current one
Happy Sewing to YOU!! :)

  • I really love the way it turns out. See another view right here
  • This is a very green, reused, recycled, re-purposed {all that good stuff..... :) } project for you and your friends and kids to do
  • I used the free Aerika Purse Pattern {a Crystelle Boutique original creation} to make this selvage edge bag....
  • Instructions on how to make the selvage edge poppy flower are right here

Fun Selvage Edge Tote

Fernanda from Owl-mania is a maniac when it comes to quilting. She is awesome! She has great quilting pictures on her blog {right here}

And she made this wonderful basket or tote that is useful for storing or hauling all kinds of happy crafting supplies!

I love the playful scarps of selvages sewn at random!
Good work!

Happy Selvage Edge Purse with Zipper

Francesca from Padova, Italy made this cute little happy baggie. Love the little flower detail on it!

Nice sewing, Francesca!

Selvage Edge Make-up Bag

This very very cute and oh-so-convenient make-up baggie was made by Linda Turner Griepentrog

I think it's adorable!!! :) Not to mention that there is a free tutorial you can read about how to make your own! Isn't that fantastic!

This is the link to the free tutorial on making your own very cute make-up bag....

Happy sewing!

Awesome Selvage Edge Bag

This fantastic selvage edge bag was made by Diane Harris.
She used one of her favorite Amy Butler patterns.
I really like the bright and cheerful colors Diane used....They make you smile!

Good job, Diane!
Love it!

Yellow Selvage Edge Messenger Bag

Millie from the Patchery Menagerie made this fun little selvage edge bag, and added some tassels to the zipper. That way they are easier to use!

Good thinking, Millie!

Free Selvage Edge Purse Pattern

The Aerika Purse comes as a free pattern to subscribers of the Crystelle Boutique Newsletter. Click here to subscribe for free.

The Aerika Purse was designed by Crystelle Boutique.
It is a fun and spunky purse that is probably the simplest design yet.
It has a playful drawstring closure, so you will not have to worry about installing magnetic snaps or complicated fasteners.
All in all a very great little bag and of course it is ADORABLE when sewn in selvage edges!

Enjoy selvage edge sewing!