Thursday, May 5, 2011

Website has a new look.....=)

Ok, so I am really excited that the website is all new and improved!

It is a much better reflection of my personality.....
LOVE it!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun Selvage Edge Purse

Fun little Selvage Edge Video for you to enjoy!
...and me too...!!!
Yee-ha!  :)

Remember, you can get your own free Aerika Selvage Edge Pattern by visiting right here...
Fun times!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Imagine That: Selvage Edge Furniture!!!!

Oh wow!
Who would have ever thought of this idea!
Some very creative mind:  Monique!

She thought of it in the shower.....
That's where a lot of us come up with our best ideas it seems like....

Isn't it just amazing!
Monique glued the selvage edges to sides, then put modge podge over top.
Then for the drawers she made "quilts" and used batting.
I just love it....
Good work, Monique!

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Wonderful Selvage Edge Bag

This wonderful Selvage Edge bag was made by Elena.
I  just love it!
And so did her daughter apparently, because even though Elena made it for herself to be used as a pures, somehow her daughter "borrowed" it, and Elena hasn't seen it since.....
Imagine that!

Can't blame her daughter though:  it's fabulous!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Very Adorable Selvage Edge Pincushion

Hi There Bloggy Friends!
Wow! I am just amazed by some of the very adorable things you readers come up with!

This pincushion was made by Marsha.
Isn't it so very cute....????
She incorporated a great variety of different styles
in her selection of selvage edges.
And a pincushion.  What a great idea.
 We all need one {or two, or three} of those!

Marsha said that she got this idea from a magazine.  Couldn't remember exactly which one.  Perhaps "Quilts and More".....????

Anyway:  its cute.  She did great, and she was kind enough to share with us!
Thanks Marsha!
Enjoy your pincushion.  

{She says she is going to do more selvage edges sewing.....  
Can't wait to see what she comes up with!}
:) Crystelle

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Danaye Hobo Bag Selvage Edge Pattern

There is cause for celebration!
The Danaye Pattern is now all finished!
In this picture I made it in the small size
which is fun for kids
and teens
and adults alike.

But you are welcome to make it in the larger size.  Because both sizes are available int he Danaye Hobo pattern.

True to Size...!!!

Have a very wonderful sewing day!
:) Crystelle

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Aerika Selvage Edge Bag on the Cover of Haute Handbags Magazine

The Aerika Purse is famous now.....
She is on the cover of a magazine....

Hope it doesn't go to her head....

With how-to directions on page 10 and 11  
And the photography is AWESOME!!!! of course!
They do such a NICE job at Haute handbags....
{thank you Beth Livesay -editor!
and the amazing staff....}

Hope to hear from you soon!


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Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Sew a Selvage Edge Bag

Goedemorgen Iedereen!
{That's Dutch for Good Morning Everyone}
Since having been featured on the cover of Haute Handbags Magazine, 
the Aerika Selvage Edge Bag has become a REAL HIT!!!!
What do you think of it?

I kinda like the draw-string casual closure.
Fun and flowing
Wanna make your own Selvage Edge Purse...????
I know you can ABSOLUTELY do it!!!!
It's easy to do and You will LOVE the result!

Here we go:
EASY DIY instructions on how to make a unique selvage bag....
Isn't it so fun to make something out of something we would normally discard? I think so!
  • Save your selvage edges {or just cut them off the collection of fabrics you already have}

  • Cut 1/2 inch into the print of the fabric.  {some people do more,  I like to be consistent and do 1/2 inch each time}

  • Cut your purse pattern pieces out of white cotton
  • {use the FREE Aerika Pattern, available from CrystelleBoutique....!!!!,or your own favorite pattern}
  • {OK, so you can see I didn't even pre-iron my fabric, and it still turned out cute!  It is such a forgiving method!.....YAY!!!!}

  • Draw parallel lines on the cotton to keep you going straight as you go  along

  •  Place one strip of selvage edge on at a time, and sew it in place

    • Be sure to overlap the unfinished edge of the previous selvage edge with the finished edge of the current one
    Not bad, is it?
    You can SO do this!!!!
    • I really love the way it turns out.
    • This is a very green, reused, recycled, re-purposed {all that good stuff..... :)  }  project for you and your friends and kids to do
    • I used the free Aerika Purse Pattern {a Crystelle Boutique original creation}  to make this selvage edge bag....

    The Poppy Flower is WAY cute too!!!! 
    Instructions on how to make it are right here
    Have fun cutting and sewing!
    :) Crystelle

    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Very Spunky Selvage Edge Flower

    Good Morning!!!
    How good it is to see the sun shining, the kids playing outside, and  bacon cooking in the kitchen!!!
    This promises to be a greaaaat weekend!!!

    Just thought I'd share with you the very fun and funky flower I made yesterday, inspired by the flower tutorial from Molly Chicken.

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    Cute Little Danaye Selvage Edge Purse

    Hi there!
    It seems all the inspiration that speaks to me lately
    definitely has
    selvage edge purse
    So....let's have a little more....
    while browsing through my fabric collection,
    trying to decide what fabric to use to make the NEW Danaye pattern 
    {in a smaller size this time}
    I realized....I still had quite a stash of
    ~ pre-cut selvage edges~
    Soooooo, I started cutting my white fabric...
    To make another selvage edge purse.....
    I applied the selvage edges to it....
    And watched the creation come to life.
    It was so much fun...
    And my daughter loves it...
    What do you think of the pom~pom trim...???
    I love having little "fans" around the house....
    Who tell me I am doing a great job...
    Speaking of which.  I should probably take them out
    to celebrate finishing their first week
    back at school for the new school-year.

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Selvege Edge Purse

    This particular Selvage Edge bag was made by Paulette
    The contrast with the black piping and bias tape and button are great.

    Nice Sewing!

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    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Fun Selvage Travel Bag

    Bella Bag makes fun selvage edge bags that she then carries with her on her trips. She loves to take pictures of her bag visiting different locations in the UK.
    What a fun idea to make memories!!!Very nice pictures, Bella!
    I especially like this bottom one!!!
    Isn't it just scrumptious...???
    Thanks for sharing!

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    P.S. Did you notice how the selvage edge bag matches every outfit?!!!!
    WOW!!!!~~ That's reason enough to sew one up!
    You will ALWAYS look fabulous! :-)

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Selvage Edge Applique on Tote

    Elena, the designer of this bag appliqued selvage edge quilting blocks over the top of the logo of an existing canvas bag. Fabulous idea! Great way to re-use something, and upcycle!

    Love it!
    Good thinking Elena!

    Waste Not ~ ~ Want Not ~~ Selvage Edge Tote

    This wonderful Selvage Edge Tote was made by Bungalow Quilts.
    "Waste Not~~ Want Not," she says!
    I love the way this is truly made up of all selvage edges and SO adorable!
    Good job! We like it around here!!

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Handbag Made of Selvage Edges

    I am so excited to blog about the new stunning handbag made from from selvage edges.....
    I love it!
    What did I use?
    the free Aerika Purse pattern...
    selvage edges from all decorator cottons {so it is nice and sturdy}

    The Aerika Pattern {a CrystelleHandbags original creation} is a free gift for those who follow the Crystelle Boutique Newsletter
    . Signing up for it is pain-free. Do so right here
    Read more about sewing with Selvage Edges here.
    Happy Sewing! Crystelle